1. alwinred

    Street Festival in Limassol, Cyprus

    This is an annual event that i am enjoying because of the vibe that gives, a lot of live music from bands, Dj's, MC's, breakdancers, graffiti artists, skaters, bicycle stands, and many many others things. So this year i decided to shoot the event with the OSMO Plus and Sony Action camera...
  2. sphamedia

    Other Collab event, anyone can take part!

    So im thinking about making a hashtag event for people to take part in, something like #ytdreams where people talk about what they want to achieve on youtube and there dream situation, hopefully to get it to trend and give some love to the smaller ambitious channels, but before i do i want to...
  3. Robbie-ss

    Gaming New YouTube Channel Bringing fun back to gaming and charity events

    Hey Guys & Gals On 11th June 2016 we will be challenging ourselves in a 24 hour constant gaming LIVE for Macmillan Cancer Support/GameChangers and We’re hoping to raise as much as possible. We’re also looking for business sponsorship or channel collaboration. if interested please email me and...
  4. Pierre Maynard

    OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! (BBC Radio 5 live)

    So i am a huge arsenal supporter and decided to phone, 606 for a chance to be on the radio and this is what happened! :D Also i decided to explain why i haven't been making enough videos lately.... Really hope you enjoyed this video! If you did give it a thumbs up and share it with your...
  5. ThatJoeyFella

    Meet Up/Gathering New to London

    Hi everyone! I just moved back to London after 10 years in Dublin and I'm looking to meet London YouTubers. I'm well known in the Irish YouTube community, but in London I don't know many people and I want to change that. Is there any events/meet ups happening soon? Cheers, Joey