1. MaksRomanov

    Principles of correct argumentation in the dissertation

    Write either in the so-called author's set (1st person plural) or classically in the 1st person singular - which is more suitable for a smaller text, such as a seminar work. Then strictly observe the chosen grammatical person throughout the text! In your work, give facts, not just assumptions...
  2. thegeekyinformant

    Nerdwriter-esque Analysis! BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD!

    Hello guys! Any of you familiar with Nerdwriter? If not I suggest you look him up, he posts analysis/essay videos and was my ultimate inspiration towards making my own YouTube channel. He created an analysis video on the TV show "Ren and Stimpy" a while back, and this led me to create a...
  3. Jamie Taylor

    Need Ideas for Video Essay

    I make video essays and I need something for gaming or anything in the entertainment industry.