1. The Humble JuanB

    Other Elm Street Stories! collab?

    im currently starting a really low budget episodic series around one of my favorite horror films. im looking to see if any of you are interested in working on episodes with me even split directing and shooting. we can collab through meet ups or over the internet, whatever works! contact me if...
  2. Z

    Horror Let's Play without a facecam?

    So I want something to freshen up my channel a bit, appeal to a different audience. I'm kinda hyped for Outlast II, so I'm well into the idea of Let's Playing the first one, heavily edited down into 10-15 minute videos you know? That's great, but I don't use a face cam. The main reason is that...
  3. Roots_97

    LifeAsRoots *NEW VLOGGER*

    Hey guys it's Roots! I'm an 18 year old, uni student from Ontario, Canada and I'm not necessarily new to YouTube but this is definitely my first Youtube channel surrounding me! Usually I was apart of a duo or with a group of friends. I'm still experimenting with my channel and I'm still trying...
  4. Roots_97

    Why Do You Vlog?

    Hey guys its Roots! I just wanted to talk about vlogging and why I love it so much. I think vlogging is a great way to see what people do in their daily lives and how they interact with those around them. The reason I started vlogigng is because I wanted to give people a glimpse into my life and...