episode 5

  1. Pierre Maynard

    The Seekers Season 1 Episode 5 "Get A Job"

    The seekers is back episode 5 Get a Job! In this episode: Peter has nightmares about getting a job, due to the amount of hard work that has to be put in. He wakes up to find out his nightmare becomes reality. Let me know what needs improving, and what went well in this video. Please also...
  2. WilBajamas

    This Game Is So Intense | Life Is Strange Episode 5 Full Walkthrough both endings.

    Wasabi everyone!! Welcome to my Life Is Strange Walkthrough. I've just uploaded some parts of episode 5 but please give me some more time to upload the next ones. This is Life Is Strange Episode 5 : Polarized Full Walkthrough and Both Endings. Sub to my channel for the latest Life Is Strange...