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  1. Shadess

    Gaming (PC) Looking for people to collab with for YouTube/Twitch

    My name is Ethan (Shades), I am 18 years old and live in the UK. I have recently been streaming my gameplay to Twitch and I am going to try and upload some of the gamplay to YouTube. I used to be fairly active on both platforms, but haven't been recently as I had to part with my PS4. Now I have...
  2. CrunchyTvYT

    Gaming Xbox Fortnite

    Does anyone want to collab on YouTube Fortnite? I Xbox one and im hoping to make a video that will do very well
  3. KingHexa


    Hello beautiful people in my previous post i told you guys a little about who i am and about what i came to do. Now my plan is to tell you guys about what i plan on doing...i'll try to keep it short :). So for the months to come i plan on doing collabs. Play with other youtubers and just get...