editing problems

  1. Malasia

    Anyone uses wondershare filmora?

    I've been hearing so many good things about this editing software and bought the 1 year package but now when I add edits or just am playing back the video to see the edits, the video freezes, lags, goes in slow motion and isnt in sync with the audio. I would say maybe its because my pc dosnt...
  2. S

    Computer doesn't support HD video...

    hello yttalk community! i'm having a problem with my editing my hd video on my computer. my computer can't process HD video well and i've used hit film 4 express, and movie maker but when i import my video it becomes pixelated or lags. should i get a new computer?
  3. CandyPhantom

    Sony Vegas Problem

    Help! Okay so, I render a video and I'm ready to upload it. After rendering, the video plays fine. Then, I transfer my video to a usb and play it to another computer. When I play it to another computer, the video shows a black screen. What do I do?