dungeons and dragons

  1. JoshPolaris

    Gaming Join my D&D Twitch Group!

    Hello! I'm dropping this here for any content creators that may be interested in forming a live D&D group on Twitch with me! My only requirements are that you be 18+ and have a functional webcam! There's a video on my channel (search Josh Polaris) that should explain this is in more detail...
  2. Roman Ryder

    Video Background

    I set some really aggressive 90-day goals for Twitter and Instagram followers. I was following tons of people with similar interests...business, entrepreneur, leadership, branding, etc. After a month, when I logged on to my accounts there were just tons of people promoting whatever business or...
  3. N

    Gaming D&D Sunday 2:30pm EST Live Stream (200+ Sub)

    I GM run a home-brew Dungeons and Dragons 5E campaign on Roll20.net and stream it to twitch and YouTube. I am looking for YouTube creators and twitch streamers with 200+ followers / Subscribers to join my running campaign. Requirements * Must of 200+ Subs / Followers * Must be available...