1. James Chris

    Short Film Irish filmmakers needed

    Hey guys Basically, I'm planning to record a podcast with a guest (similar to The True Geordie's podcasts) and I'm in need of filmmakers to record the conversation from different angles. We can discuss everything including pay and the finer details privately, so if you could let me know down...
  2. ConorClune

    Meet Up/Gathering Collab? Online or in Ireland

    Hey I'm looking to do a collab of some sort, like be in a video with someone, edit or vfx someone's video or something else. I'm pretty new to trying to YouTube properly and I'm looking for people to work with, I'm pretty good at editing and vfx as well as writing stories/ideas. Anyone like to...
  3. DictionaryWrites

    Meet Up/Gathering Any fellow Irish people? (Actually living in Ireland, not Irish Americans)

    I know that Ireland's a pretty small country, but SURELY there must be some Irish people out there on YTTalks! I live on the West Coast, in Galway, but even if we could just set up an online hangout that would be pretty cool, so we can chat and connect! So yeah, what's the craic?
  4. rdavey14

    Meet Up/Gathering -------------------------delete