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  1. Rolz

    Xenoverse 2 DLC Pack 4 - Story Missions Playthrough!

    Hey guys, just finished playing through the goku black/merged zamasu story missions :) Was super fun! Thoroughly enjoyed it and it was pretty similar to the anime! Be sure to check it out and leave a like or sub if you enjoy it :)
  2. Rolz

    Xenoverse 2 Super pack 4 LEAKS! - NEW characters + more

    The new Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Super pack 4 DLC is releasing around the corner - this June! Check out the new characters and more in my video! I hope you enjoy it and thanks for watching! :D
  3. Rolz

    Pushing our limits! - DB XV2 + Added facecam!

    Hey guys, ItsHowWeRolz back with another Xenoverse 2 episode! I've added a facecam to increase the "connection" between myself and my viewers:giggle: (let me know your thoughts) We get thrown into the deep end (again!). HIT is on another level and there's no Goku in sight? Thank you in...
  4. Rolz

    I swear this guy is so sensitive XD

    What's good guys! ItsHowWeRolz here! Latest video just released, it's on Xenoverse 2 and yeahh....someone (Trunks) is getting triggered LOL:angel: Any constructive criticism is welcome! I hope you enjoy it and if you do, help me reach my sub goal of 100 subscribers! :help: Sorry about my...
  5. Rolz

    Look away if it's too much!

    What's up guys! Hope you are keeping well :) I just dropped my latest Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 video! Give it a look wont ya ;) I take on Cell and i'm not going to lie...it's a close call! If you enjoy it and are keen to see more please hit that SUBSCRIBE button :) help me get to 100...
  6. anime destruction

    Dragon Ball Z Villains In Real Life!

    Ever wondered how your favorite dragon ball z Characters would look like in real life? well here you go watch this and be amazed!
  7. Rolz

    Battle for Namek | Dragon ball Xenoverse 2

    Hi guys, In the latest video of my dragon ball XV2 playlist I take on the mighty Frieza, I hope you enjoy and any feedback is welcome :) If you do enjoy it then subscribe for more! Help me reach 100 subs :help: Let me know where you like to spend your attribute points!
  8. Rolz

    Latest video review

    Hi guys, I just released my 3rd Dragon ball XV2 video (pretty much me doing a playthrough - I run a gaming/tech/vlogging channel) and would like to get your opinion on the quality of my voice/speech so that I may improve on it. What I mean by that is anything along the lines of, am I...
  9. Rolz

    Anime List

    Hi guys, I recently uploaded my second anime 'list' videos, if you enjoy it please share it :)
  10. Will Gwasera

    Request Intro and channel banner: Dragon ball z

    Hi i was hoping that you could make a dragon ball xenoverse intro for me kind of like kabukisage's. it doesn't let me link a video but if you search on YouTube: Kabukisage dragon ball xenoverse 2 and any of the videos would have it. I was also hoping if you could make a channel banner and...