1. GiggaVega

    a little game called DOOM ETERNAL, have you heard of it? lol

    Hey guys, This is GiggaVega, I wanted to share with you all one of my videos I am most proud of. DOOM ETERNAL trailer reaction & gameplay. It is all in 4K 60fps, editing & rendering the Beast was a massive undertaking even for my ROG Strix laptop. It took me over 24hrs to render in maxx...
  2. RetroMania

    Epic Classic DOOM Nostalgia Playthrough

    What is up guys, I just started a youtube gaming series where I'm playing DOOM with "brutal doom mod" just to make things more gory :sneaky2: my channel is mainly about retro games like Duke Nukem 3D, DOOM, Heretic, Star Wars and different stuffs, for now I've just uploaded some classic shooter...
  3. Maxim Malakjan

    Gaming German Gaming

    Looking for some people to play with. German-speaking people preffered. Minecraft Overwatch Doom Titanfall2 PlayerGround Unknown
  4. J

    Gaming Looking to Collaborate with Any YouTube CS:GO / DOOM

    Hey Guys, I am very new to Youtube Streaming. I am looknig to collaborate in exchange for anything. I can help with sponsoring channels and providing you with anything you could need. I love playing csgo, doom, WoW. etc. Please contact me if any of you are interested. Best, -PZLAtv
  5. AllVisuals4U

    Monetizing gameplay video's of DOOM (old) (without commentary)

    If i have an AdSense account connected to my channel, does the text below means that i'm allowed to broadcast and monetize gameplay video's of the old DOOM games without commentary? Just curious about second opnions here. Thanks in Advance! Bethesda: We encourage (and are big fans of) the many...
  6. XenosTheGamer

    Doom DEMO Gameplay

  7. 42Blazing


    We will play games such as Overwatch, Black Ops 3, Doom , Rainbow Six Siege, Gta V, and much more!! Only requirement is to be funny and have skype. Hit me up m9's!
  8. 42Blazing

    Gaming DANK PS4 COLLAB GROUP (Overwatch,Doom,And More)

    Hello m9's looking for fun and funny people for a ps4 collaboration group. We will play games such as Overwatch, Doom, Black Ops 3, Rainbow Six Siege, Grand Theft Auto V, Cory In The House Simulator, and much more. Only requirement is to be DANK. PSN: jake_0227 Youtube: 42blazing Skype...
  9. Foorson

    DOOM Part 18 | VEGA

    OK K.O Im back after a short, short break (because something was wrong with my net) So another part of DOOM : )
  10. Foorson

    DOOM Part 16 | BREAKIN HELL!

    OK K.O Back to DOOM! Im making hell fall apart laughs
  11. Foorson

    DOOM Part 15 | TITAN'S REALM

    OK K.O! We start this episode with a BIG BANG by killing a big, evil mofo: CYBERDEMON so yeah...BACK TO HELL Guys
  12. Foorson

    DOOM Part 12 | OVER 9000!

    OK K.O! Guys...we have FOUND IT! and the power level is over 9000! Bye Bye demons ;________; Join the adventure today!
  13. Foorson

    DOOM Part 10 | PINKY THE DOG

    OK K.O! Sup guys im back with a new video We've met an ugly most demonic creature from hell and his name is... PINKY
  14. Foorson

    DOOM part 9 | ARMY OF HELL

    OK K.O! Hell just sent its army to destroy me will they menage to do that? I DON'T THINK SO!
  15. Foorson


    OK K.O! We've arrived at the hell gates and it's pretty damn hot in here... But heat isn't the worst thing in this place...
  16. Shehzad

    16 Minutes Of Doom 4 Gameplay (2K)

    Doom gameplay for your viewing pleasure. Recorded at 2715x1527 DSR resolution - Downscaled to 2K
  17. Shehzad

    My Thoughts On Doom 4 (Campaign)

    Bringing you my thoughts and impression on Doom 4 singleplayer from the various gameplay, dev streams etc I have come across.
  18. Chaz


    This beta is DOOMED. If you guys have any feedback at all I would be glad to hear it. I am always looking to improve.
  19. ProjectIG

    DOOM Beta - My First Thoughts

    Hey guys! New video introducing DOOM Beta on my channel! Make sure to check it out and let me know what you think! Hey guys! So today we're here playing us some DOOM, trying out the Beta! Honestly, my reviews on it. It's awesome! I truly enjoyed the game-play, and for that reason I'm bring...
  20. Gibboplays

    The DOOM open beta is out!!! (TDM Live commentary)

    Wussup guys! If you are as old as me and were in to video games when you were younger there is a 95% chance that you have played DOOM at some point in your childhood.. if not then how dare you. Now the game is back in 2016 and in its open beta test phase! This is just a live commentary on the...
  21. WaffleDrone

    Looking for a review, thank you everyone in advance :)

    So yesterday was my first day uploading after stockpiling on videos for a while since I'm a college student, I make daily gameplay videos and I am currently playing Dark Souls 3 on there as well as Metro 2033 Redux, for the most recently recorded videos check out the dark souls ones :) that's...
  22. DefendersOfThePod

    Gaming News Update | DOOM BETA and Gears of War 4

    GNU (Gaming News Update) is our series of exactly what you think, gaming news! This update we have new information about the Doom beta and dlc, Mass effect Andromeda, Fallout 4's workshop dlc (which looks amazing), and a Gears of War 4 Announcement! We'll be uploading these whenever Check back...
  23. Jake_Mistake

    Why it's great for the industry that Doom releases at 1080p/60fps on all platforms

    Hi there here's my points on how Doom releasing at 1080/60 on all platforms can be good for the industry. As always, feedback would be much appreciated :) Thanks for taking the time.
  24. Shehzad

    Gaming News - DOOM Release Date, DayZ Hacked + More

    Doom get's its release day as well as pre orders. DayZ forums gets hacked compromising user passwords and usernames. Also Arkham Knight annoyances and how to sign up to Mirror's Edge Catalyst closed beta. Find out more below!