doom 4

  1. Foorson

    DOOM Part 18 | VEGA

    OK K.O Im back after a short, short break (because something was wrong with my net) So another part of DOOM : )
  2. Foorson

    DOOM Part 16 | BREAKIN HELL!

    OK K.O Back to DOOM! Im making hell fall apart laughs
  3. Foorson

    DOOM Part 15 | TITAN'S REALM

    OK K.O! We start this episode with a BIG BANG by killing a big, evil mofo: CYBERDEMON so yeah...BACK TO HELL Guys
  4. Foorson


    OK K.O! Release the Cyberdemon! I guess he's really mad after sitting there for that whole time...
  5. Foorson

    DOOM Part 13 | GETTING CLOSER...

    OK K.O! Demons will never learn that they just can't win... I will be still kicking their asses back to hell stupyd demonas!
  6. Foorson

    DOOM Part 12 | OVER 9000!

    OK K.O! Guys...we have FOUND IT! and the power level is over 9000! Bye Bye demons ;________; Join the adventure today!
  7. Foorson

    DOOM Part 11 | Mr Hayden...

    OK K.O! Sup Guys We continue our adventure on Mars... and we've just met Mr Hayden Pretty tall guy I must say... Join the adventure today!
  8. Foorson

    DOOM Part 10 | PINKY THE DOG

    OK K.O! Sup guys im back with a new video We've met an ugly most demonic creature from hell and his name is... PINKY
  9. Foorson

    DOOM part 9 | ARMY OF HELL

    OK K.O! Hell just sent its army to destroy me will they menage to do that? I DON'T THINK SO!
  10. Foorson


    OK K.O! We've arrived at the hell gates and it's pretty damn hot in here... But heat isn't the worst thing in this place...
  11. Shehzad

    16 Minutes Of Doom 4 Gameplay (2K)

    Doom gameplay for your viewing pleasure. Recorded at 2715x1527 DSR resolution - Downscaled to 2K
  12. Shehzad

    Doom 4 First Impressions (Campaign)

    What's up guys, bringing you my first impressions of the newest Doom iteration. Is it as good as all the controlled gameplay footage that the devs showed us? Or does the one hope of a good remake fade away? Sorry about repeating myself, It has been a very busy week for me but enjoy the commentary.
  13. Grizzly Guernsey Gamer

    DOOM 4 | Grizzly Review

    Over the weekend I've been to Hell in id Software's newest shooter: Doom 4 (or is it just Doom? Doom 2016???) Now that I've completed the campaign, uncovered every secret, earned every achievement, and bashed the brains out of every demonic threat in the game it's time I recount my experience...
  14. Shehzad

    My Thoughts On Doom 4 (Campaign)

    Bringing you my thoughts and impression on Doom 4 singleplayer from the various gameplay, dev streams etc I have come across.