1. S

    Software for Doodle Videos

    Hello All, I want your opinion on how can I create videos using doodle & whiteboarding tools? Something like this one: Any thoughts on what software/website would be useful for this? I particularly liked the style of animated characters and the shadows. Any advise? Thanks.
  2. S

    Tools for this animated doodle video

    Hello dear community members, I wanted to make a doodle animation video, and I came across this one: Autism: Atypical Minds in a Stereotypical World - YouTube Can anyone suggest what software can be used to create such videos easily? The doodle art quality is top notch on these videos. Any...
  3. Tabbes

    Presentation Struggles

  4. Nedko Chulev

    A Doodle A Day

    Hello everyone, I've decided to pick on a 4 week challange as well by drawing a character doodle every day. So far week 1 has been complete and today marks the beginning of the second week. I'd be happy if some of you stopped by and said hi and I'd appreciate any suggestions or ideas you have on...
  5. MechMaster

    Another Goal Crushed (hit 70 subs)

    We did it again, hopefully the 80 sub milestone comes a lot faster than this one :v
  6. FraYoshi

    YouTube Doodle xD

    did You notice the YouTube icon? There's a doodle as in the google homepage now!!!