diy project

  1. CorporalKilljoy

    My first DIY video!!!

    Took about an hour to make this video lol, enjoy DIY RWBY headphones: Click here to subscribe:
  2. MickMake

    Other DIY electronics channel looking for a collab

    Hi everyone, I'm a fairly new channel, but growing quickly, (90 subs a day), aimed at the Maker community - all mainly DIY electronics, but with a bit of building/carpentry. I'm either making, or reviewing stuff all with a Maker focus. So, this week I've reached 700 subs and want to start...
  3. RecycledBottlesCrafts

    DIY Recycling Art Project for School: Cute Swimming Pool

    Summer is coming soon and I offer diy recycling art project for school summer. Today you'll learn how to make very cute swimming pool. I hope you'll like this project! Watch how to here: