diy crafts

  1. Jenni Nexus

    Beauty/Makeup T-shirt cutting / beauty / fashion video collab

    Hi friends. I have a DIY fashion channel where I like doing t-shirt cutting features and DIY hair, makeup / fashion / beauty. Just wanted to say that if you have a channel with a t-shirt and you want to send me a shirt, I'll offer to cut it up and feature it on my channel, with a shouout and...
  2. Cleo Nash

    Vlog Sacramento/Bay Area Collabs

    Hey! I'm looking for people who are in the bay or sac that are open to collabs! My page is very random, yet has some structure lol. FEEL FREE TO CHECK IT OUT! I'm current living in SF and I am willing to meet in different parts of the bay. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. P.S...
  3. RecycledBottlesCrafts

    DIY Crafts: Bracelet, Earrings and Pendant from Plastic Bottle

    For the craft to do at home I advice you to make this set from just one plastic bottle: bracelet, earring and pendant. Easy and beautiful! Here is how to:
  4. RecycledBottlesCrafts

    DIY Crafts: Foam Flowers Gloxinia

    Here is how to video for diy crafts and you'll see how to make foam flowers bush - gloxinia. For this project you'll need just few tools and materials. These flowers also can decorate your home or room.
  5. RecycledBottlesCrafts

    DIY Crafts: Bracelet, Earrings and Pendant from Plastic Bottle

    Here is one of amazing diy crafts! From one plastic bottle you can make cute bracelet, earring and pendant. Watch how to here:
  6. RecycledBottlesCrafts

    DIY Crafts: Cute Plastic Bottle Piggy Bank

    Make one of these diy crafts from plastic bottle for your child! This piggy bank is so cute and really easy to make!
  7. RecycledBottlesCrafts

    DIY Crafts: Lilies of the Valley from Plastic Bottles

    If you like doing crafts yourself I offer to make these beautiful lilies of the valley from plastic bottles! Easy, fast and cool craft!
  8. RecycledBottlesCrafts

    DIY Crafts: Phone Case Cheese Sandwich

    Add this phone case to your diy crafts collection! It is cute and modern phone case and looks like a cheese sandwich. Watch how to make it:
  9. RecycledBottlesCrafts

    DIY Crafts for Teens: How to Make a Drum Kit from Water Bottles

    You can make lots of things from water bottles, for example - drum kit. Make it and use for your school project if you are teenager!
  10. RecycledBottlesCrafts

    DIY Crafts: How to Make Sheep's Family

    For your diy crafts: watch how to make cute sheep's family from the cotton and styrofoam balls: