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  1. Occasional Vlog

    Disney's Epcot, Akershus Royal Banquet Hall. Occasional Vlog #41

    Our first visit of the holiday to Disney's Epcot, and especially for Dorothy's benefit we head to the Norway pavilion. First up is Anna & Elsa's Royal Sommerhus, a perfect example of Disney's keen eye for detail and getting the theming spot on, and for Dorothy, Albert, and to a certain extent...
  2. Occasional Vlog

    Disney's Magic Kingdom, Storybook Circus Occasional Vlog #39

    We're back at the Disney's Magic Kingdom, and before we head off to lunch it's time to ride the all-time classic Dumbo, and to be honest this wasn't the first time we tried to ride it, who knew flying elephants were afraid of a little thunder. Dorothy also managed to overcome her fear of taking...
  3. Occasional Vlog

    Disney's Magic Kingdom, Under the Sea, Occasional Vlog #36

    We're back at the Disney's Magic Kingdom, and it's time for our second Fastpass of the day, a journey under the sea to see Ariel and her friends. This ride, like all of Disney's best, does not disappoint as far as the theming goes, and it almost felt a shame that we sailed through the FastPass...
  4. datelinedisney

    Review my branding (thumbnails, banner, watermark)

    Hi! I've recently rebranded my channel, and since then I've really been trying to push that brand. I tried my best to make it more minimalist and focused than my original branding was, which you can find on my first couple of videos. I'm mostly wondering about my thumbnails, banner and...
  5. Occasional Vlog

    fashion help from Minnie Mouse. daily vlog #33

    So Dorothy wanted to know what the best dressed woman is wearing at Disney this year, there's only one person you need to consult, Minnie of course.