1. A

    Gaming Wanna make a real group

    Hi, my name is Alexander and I wanted to find some players that would love to be the new VanossGaming group. I want players who are dedicated to their channels and to their fans. My PSN account was recently hacked. I used to go under the name Loading_Badazz, now I am going under the PSN...
  2. Baylze

    Does DEDICATION Guarantee YouTube Success?

    Can you grow a successful channel purely by being determined, dedicated and hard working? No matter the rate of growth, however niche your audience is, etc. - Is consistency the key? Many would argue that other factors have a much bigger input on teh potential success of a YouTube channel. For...
  3. Kieran Hedley Fitness

    Training Injured

    Yes it's possible, check out my latest video You can train sore or with a minor injury, but not a major one, so stay dedicated, but stay safe (: This is also my first commentary so feel free to give feedback :D