1. Michael Lunatic

    Finally hit 200 Subscribers! But have I already peaked?

    Hey after 2 years of YouTubing I have finally reached 200 Subscribers! I've also just released possibly the best video I've ever made yesterday and got 3 likes in under 10 minutes of uploading. That's a first for me too. Not bad for a small YouTuber. My Latest Video is called Deadpool Sweats...

    CAN I FLY THE BLACKBIRD?! | Deadpool #3

    Never let Deadpool fly the freakin blackbird! Or me for that matter. Don't trust us! Otherwise we will be in this situation again!
  3. The_Man_XX

    Best Deadpool Quote?

    I'm working on a video that showcases the best 10 Quotes from the movie Deadpool but I can't figure out which one was the best I need a little help on this one.
  4. ComicDj

    Other Comic book Channel looking for collab!

    Hello everyone, I am a newer comic book channel who is looking to collab with someone! I am extremely passionate in my videos and I hope to find someone equally passionate. I make videos on my comic book pickups, marvel/dc movie reviews, trailer reviews and cover anything Comic related. I would...
  5. Michael Lunatic

    What's my latest video like :-)

    Hiya everyone. This is my first real request for you guy's to check one of my video's out and give me a review and your opinion on it! Michael's Mental Mix: Episode 2 Took about 3 months for me to film and edit it in total. It combines outtakes, Surreal comedy, spontaneous filming in my...