1. mRio

    Constructive Criticism. Honest Feedback

    Hope you guys are doing well. My name is Mario and I make comedy skits/vlog type videos with a humanoid robot character that I made. Nowadays, it seems really difficult to try to get views with skits. I am heard everything from make good thumbnails, niche, be different, etc etc. However, I feel...
  2. Livid

    Comedy Dank Meme Lords Collab

    I'm looking for a group of people who enjoy Memes as much as I do to brainstorm with each other create really dank content and stuff like that. My Channel isnt only for uploading Memes but I think memes are hilarious I love them and I think it would be really really cool to get together like In...
  3. Meloxy


    Like & subscribe for more videos. I post almost everyday. Please, leave feedback (constructive criticism welcome)
  4. 42Blazing

    Gaming Looking For DANK Gamers To Join Our Podcast!!

    My friend and I are looking for people to be a guest or our third host on our podcast! Only requirement is to have a nice sense of humor! Twitter:@purlenix Skype:Harambesghost
  5. 42Blazing

    Commentary Looking For DANK Youtubers To Join Our Podcast!!

    Me and my friend are looking for some funny people to be a guest or the third host on our podcast. Must be funny!! Twitter:@purlenix Skype:Harambesghost
  6. 42Blazing

    Gaming Looking For Youtubers To Collab With

    Hello m80's I'm looking for some fun youtubers to collab with I have Ps4 and Pc games such as: Unturned, Necropolis, Gmod, Brawlhalla, Overwatch, Black ops 3, and much much more!! Skype:titanchaosgaming Twitter: @Purlenix
  7. 42Blazing

    Gaming Ps4 Gta V Heists Collab

    Looking for some funny youtubers to do heists with and record!! Psn: jake_0227 Skype: titanchaosgaming Youtube: 42Blazing
  8. 42Blazing


    We will play games such as Overwatch, Black Ops 3, Doom , Rainbow Six Siege, Gta V, and much more!! Only requirement is to be funny and have skype. Hit me up m9's!
  9. Ecto

    Gaming CoD Zombies On PS4 Collab (15 and Under)

    Sup, I'm Ecto, as you can probably tell, I am looking for someone under 15 to do a CoD zombies collab with. I have 50 subs and was wondering if there was anyone around the same size (25-75 subs) who wanted to collaborate. Watch a few of my videos to see if you want to collab. Just search up...
  10. 42Blazing

    Gaming DANK PS4 COLLAB GROUP (Overwatch,Doom,And More)

    Hello m9's looking for fun and funny people for a ps4 collaboration group. We will play games such as Overwatch, Doom, Black Ops 3, Rainbow Six Siege, Grand Theft Auto V, Cory In The House Simulator, and much more. Only requirement is to be DANK. PSN: jake_0227 Youtube: 42blazing Skype...
  11. 42Blazing

    Gaming Diep.io Or Town Of Salem Collaboration

    Hello m80's my name is 42Blazing and I'm looking for some funny youtubers to play Town Of Salem or Diep.io with. I don't care how many subscribers you have.
  12. 42Blazing


    We can play Town Of Salem or it'd be cool to do a react or rant commentary video. I have other games so just tell me what you have!!
  13. 42Blazing

    Gaming Recruiting DANK Youtubers For A PC Collab Group!!

    Looking for some noice m80's for our group we have 4 people so far and are looking for more. We will play games such as Gmod, CS:GO , Cory in the house simulator , and much much more. Steam:42blazing
  14. Morfe


    Yo what up you wankers. My name is Morfe (also known as Dank Memes Master 9001) and I looking to start the dankest gaming group around. The purpose of this group is to a group of people to consistently play games with and grow together. I don't care about subs, I care about personality, quality...