1. D

    Comedy Remote Collaboration

    Hey Everyone! I'm new around here, looking for a collaboration on a video I am doing. I have a comedy channel that has over 5,300 subscribers and I’m currently working on a cheesy comedy video where a specific dance move is erased from earth. I'm looking for a few people who aren't afraid to...
  2. ThisisJericho

    Dancers FAIR USE

    Anyone a dancer, choreographer, or performer here? I want to ask how do you fair use your dance playing with a popular song without getting a copyright strike. I see some youtubers doing this, but not sure if they are monetizing. If anyone experience this before, please help
  3. Jon Brooks

    Britain's Got Talent - Beach Dancer

    This happy chappy was dancing his jolly way down the beach in Bournemouth, UK. I wondered what music he might be listening to, so I added and synced my own quirky music to suit... Check out his moves! :-) Music by Jon Brooks (© 2015 Jon Brooks) YouTube Channel...