1. Daaave

    Other Long Term Producer/Networker Needed

    Hey Guys, I hope you're all having a Merry Christmas! I've been making videos for a few months now, and at first I wasn't sure if I was going to continue, put the support I've got from the friends/family/subscribers in the last months has really motivated me to continue, and it is quickly...
  2. Daaave

    Annoying People in the public (COLLAB!)

  3. Daaave

    Vlog Group Collab (DEADLINE TUESDAY)

    Hello! I'm currently in the middle of producing a collab video and it's almost finished, but I need a few more inputs. The video is based on 'what not to do in public: each person sends in a 20-30 clip about what they hate that people do in public or things that annoy them in public. If you...
  4. Daaave

    Nerf Gun Challenge + Plot Twist

  5. Daaave

    Video Recording Plot Twists?

    Hey Guys, so I was recording a challenge video with a friend, where we had to shoot each other with nerf guns to try and knock a pumpkin of one another's heads (stupid, I know). When it came to me getting shot, my friends decided that, instead of actually shooting the nerf gun. he would get some...
  6. Daaave

    Total Channel Views DECREASED Suddenly?

    Hello YT Talk, I have a problem. A few days ago I made some of my videos unlisted so I could change their thumbnails. After doing so, I made them public again, and the total channel views decreased by about 1000! Is this something that will revert after the system sees that it was just a short...
  7. Daaave

    Never Give Up! Short Motivational Speech

    Finally! First 'life lesson' video:
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  9. Daaave

    How to name a baby *giggle*

    I don't even know...