1. illya__v

    my Spoken Word Poetry playlist (4 scientific poems)

    Hello all, I created a playlist of 4 spoken word poems I made and I'd like to share the link here. The playlist description is, 'Scientific and philosophical poetry that delves into the biology and psyche of humanity.' Thanks for checking it out! Titles: Architecture of Culture Memetic...
  2. ProfessionalRik

    Gaming News Show! Great Week!

    So I just had a great week working on my new gaming news show and I wanted to post it SOMEWHERE to brag about how proud I was to pull it off. Check 'em out and learn about what's actually happening in gaming culture!
  3. Curly&Clueless

    Chiang Mai Vlog! Elephant Sanctuary

    join us on our tour of Chiang Mai where we take a visit to the most amazing elephant sanctuary!
  4. Curly&Clueless

    Koh Phi Phi Thailand Vlog

    Hey Everybody, we recently spent 3 weeks travelling Thailand and have vlogged our experiences! This is the latest blog we have uploaded feel free to check the rest out! Hands up who loves Thailand!!
  5. javacentral

    Coffee in Japan- Would love any and all feedback!

  6. ProfessionalRik

    [Pro Rik's New Series] GAME SCHOOL (Feedback and Comments Welcome)

    Hello, YTTalk! I'm ProfessionalRik. Now, let's get onto why I'm making this thread. I have this idea, nay a vision! I want gaming to be something that everyone feels they can do without judgement or stigma. I want everyone to find a common ground on the digital plane. I believe there's a...