cs:go collab

  1. MattTries

    Gaming CS:GO/Fortnite/RainbowSix/Random Games

    Looking for nice/funny people to record videos with. I'd prefer people ages 15+. Subscriber count doesn't really matter because I'm really just wanting to create a discord for everyone to join and get big and grow as 1. any size is welcome, we all want to grow. I play PC, PS4, and Xbox on some...
  2. Tactic Zar

    Gaming Looking to Collab (Any Age) (PC) (Xbox One)

    Hello, My name is Tactic Zar, If you have seen my channel I am up for doing any type of gaming video,I am looking to Collab with anyone. I play Counter Strike, Rainbow six, COD, and I am always down to check out any other games, Lastly I have an Xbox one and I have COD, GTA, and more.