cs:go colab partner

  1. PratAttack

    Gaming PC CS:GO or Minecraft collab

    Looking for people to chill with and make videos on cs:go and minecraft with (I am really bad at games so it would be a funny moments type of video) The only things is it would not be pg and have some language and I would prefer the person to be 15 or over just for maturity sake (Im almost 17)...
  2. Fatman0

    Gaming CS:GO CHANNEL! (5.3K SUBS)

    youtube.com/Fatman0 I am looking for other channels aswell!
  3. lukeandalexgaming123

    Gaming looking for a CS:GO gmod and Gta 5 colab partner (PC)

    need to meat the required fields below need a good pc,need skype,over 50 subs,good headset (my channel) name:lukeandalexgaming subs:258 views:1632 videos:16/17 video type:funny make sure to comment you skype down bellow thanks : ]