1. Warlock Boo

    Voice Acting Halloween special Help needed please,

    hello there I am Warlock BOO and I am looking for Some people to help me with my Halloween special. I am currently needing voice actors mostly. But animators and artist are welcomed. I want to get different people reading different horror stories/creepypastas/redit post's and to put them all...
  2. umbysworld

    Deleted Creepypasta Theater presents... SPLITTER!

    "Splitter" is the story of a girl with a messed up face and the man whom she terrorizes. Will he survive? Or will he fall into a plot hole and be gone forever? Find out in this thrilling episode of DCT!
  3. DhysPlays

    BENDY IS BACK!! | Bendy And The Ink Machine: Chapter 2

    Bendy is back and is here to make sure I am gone once and for all but can he do it? Watch to find out! Subscribe Right Now! Don't forget to subscribe and join the Average Gaming Community (AGC) Peace Also check out my facebook and twitter page to keep up to date with me...
  4. Warlock Boo

    The Expressionless

  5. Warlock Boo

    The Genetic Experiment (creepypasta)

  6. Warlock Boo

    MaRIo (creepypasta/haunted gaming)

    MaRIo Your life ends in this castle
  7. Warlock Boo

    She Watches, I Dance (creepypasta/grimdark/fanfiction)

    One night in Ponyville, Rainbow Dash is having trouble going to sleep. A single candle lights her room, and the shadow of a strange being dances on the wall. ps: i accidentally let my video loop run longer then the video so my credits start later.
  8. Warlock Boo

    Request I am in need of a new channel avatar

    I am in need of a new channel avatar. I would like one that better matches my character warlock boo and my channels them horror/comedy. it's an odd mix. i read creepypastas but add my own begging crypt keeper style and my own end again crypt keeper style. i am open to ideas but i do need it...
  9. Warlock Boo

    Other Horror youtuber looking to colab

    Hello there ghost and ghouls I am warlock a small horror/comedy youtuber who is looking to colab a video with some one. I usually do creepypastas but will change. there is one story want to do but need help with called "It has no face" if you are interested or want to do some thing else email...
  10. umbysworld

    New episode of Storytime with Martha & Reginald!!

    This video contains subject matter not suitable for children! When Martha and Reginald attempt to do a proper reading of Humbolt Lycanthrope's "He Was a New Man", Martha can't help carrying on about the disgusting imagery and immoral implications. Comedy gold!
  11. umbysworld

    Deleted Creepypasta Theater HOLIDAY SPECIAL!

    Just it time for X-mas, it's "Snowy Dillon"... a story about a boy... who gets bullied and stuff... and then his hair turns white! Can you see the snow? DUN DUN DUNNNNN!
  12. umbysworld

    Ariana Grande is a serial killer???

    In the latest episode of Deleted Creepypasta Theater, a hotel clerk is amazed that Ariana Grande is staying at his hotel. Or is she....? DUN DUN DUNNNNN!!!
  13. umbysworld

    Deleted Creepypasta Theater: Doctor Clock-eye

    The first thing you want to do when creating a villain named Doctor Clock-eye is to give him a clock for an eye. Someone failed to do that, and now they must pay the price... THE UMBY WAY!!
  14. umbysworld

    Deleted Creepypasta Theater: Room 58

    Welcome to another episode of the show where I read poorly written short stories that were deleted from the creepypasta wikia! This one's about some guy who stays at a hotel on an island and then stuff happens for no reason. SPOOOOOKY!
  15. umbysworld

    Snooty old couple reads Candle Cove

    This is my second video as elderly couple Martha and Reginald.
  16. umbysworld

    Deleted Creeypasta Theater: BEST EPISODE YET!

    I worked really hard editing this latest episode! Please check it out! It's got a killer teddy bear and a serious lack of pronouns!!
  17. umbysworld

    I impersonate a hoity-toity elderly couple reading a horror story

    Title says it all, I guess. XD
  18. umbysworld

    The Real Expedition Everest (Deleted Creepypasta Theater)

    In this episode of Deleted Creepypasta Theater, I read a story about a guy who rode Disney's Expedition Everest ride before they made it less horrifying. The only thing more horrifying is how mediocre the story is! *GASP*
  19. umbysworld

    Deleted Creepypasta Theater: Episode 2

    DCT is a series where I read a horror story that was deleted from the creepypasta wiki for being below quality standards. I add sound effects and whatnot to make it entertaining and funny. Check it out!
  20. Please Don't Turn Around

    The Night Ariana Grande stayed at my hotel

    Would you please give me feedback on this video? From content to graphics and everything else. Much appreciated!
  21. Branden Morales


  22. Dice Rollen

    The Attic | Creepypasta Reading

    This is the first creepypasta I've written & narrated.
  23. W

    The beginning of a new Gaming channel. (need feedback/suggestions)

    Hey everyone! So I've been looking for places to show my channel, and maybe get some feedback on it. My Channel name is "We'll Walk You Through", or WWYT for short. I do Lets play's, along with creepypastas for gaming. I try to post a couple times a week, and have had a fluctuating subscriber...
  24. LukeMc

    Top 10 Creepypasta's (both parts)

    I would love to get your feedback and also would like some suggestions for more top 10's in the near future