1. AnxoiusAshley

    Making an effective art channel

    Hey so I'm just starting out and I know that I want my channel to be oriented around art and creativity. I love to draw and plan on making most of my videos me drawing on paper, digitally, or using other forms when I feel like it. My editing skills are definitely rough but that aside, what are...
  2. Dave2017

    Sure signs of creativity

    I guess most of us here on Yttalk think we have a creative side. So tell we if you see any of these creative signs in yourself:)
  3. Dado216

    Loosing video ideas

    I’m really not thinking of anything good that will get the people watching like as in creative skits or just content in general which is the Main thing I do I made my channel into a gaming/skit and vlog channel but I don’t know if that’s good could anyone help me
  4. J-Hill

    Inspiration vs Ripping off content

    Hey, I have been on YouTube a while and very rarely do I feel inspired to do stuff via the works of other people. However recently I started a vlog inspired by many different creators including neistat, I didn't want to copy him but sometimes I would use techniques I learnt by watching his...
  5. That BioMechanical Dude

    Being productive with a lot of ideas

    I have a lot of ideas... All the time. The thing about my mind is that it needs to be constantly occupied... And even when it is, I get all these different creative ideas, a lot of which are worth exploring. Ideas about videos, about stories, drawings, music, etc. When I get an idea, I also get...
  6. Bre

    Request VLOGMAS Intro!

    Hey everyone, so this year I've decided I was going to do Vlogmas. I really want to get an intro for my Vlogmas videos. I'm not real picky about what I want I just know I want it to have my channel name in it and not include the year. I'm leaving the creativity up to you! I didn't really want to...
  7. AlbaLnz

    Have you ever gone through a creative block?

    Yeah... we all have suffered that, right? What helped you to get over it?