1. Jared Van Houten

    Creating an Audio Story

    Hey guys! So this is how I usually put together an Audio Story! 1. Make sure to have a good quality recording mic. 2. Make sure you speak at a reasonable distance away from the mic. 3. Using Pro Tools, make enough tracks. One for Voice overs, one for sound effects and one for music. 4. Always...
  2. Nerfworthy

    50 subscribers!

    I've hitted 50 subscribers yesterday, and i'm so happy! Started youtube a month ago, and we going strong! My next goal is to hit 100 by the end of March, but .. I have a strong feeling i'll hit it till 15th march, >:D!
  3. J

    Looking for funny collaborators

    I have an instagram acct @aroused_koala that grew from 177 followers when i started my projects 2 1/2 weeks ago now to 3200. Looking to grow a comedy channel open to new ideas to mutually benefit everyone in the collab. Msg me if your either in the CT area or you want to work together between...
  4. CrazyOlote

    Vlog Does anyone want to make the best VLOGS in the history Of Collabs

    I want to make a collab video with youtubers with aspirations of becoming a great youtuber in the future. Get ready world Email me at Youtube channel Search “Etolo Matata”
  5. R

    Vlog want to join a vlogging group like team alboe or something

    iam a channel with 12 subscribers and kinda looking to boost that lol and what better way to do that then to do it with people so if you have a vlog group or something i could join that would be great or if you want to help me make one then reply to me and we can work that out so really hoping i...
  6. BilliamGeorge

    Request Intro/Outro Video! (Willing to pay via PayPal)

    I'm looking for someone to help make an intro/out to video! I'm willing to give them a little money for their time! Preferably they could show me and talk to me through it over Skype or something!
  7. Pierre Maynard

    Need help with Facecam for my video!!

    So hello everyone! I need a facecam that can go with my video, i'm not asking you to pay me for one, Just need a simple facecam that goes with my video :) I have left a little gap between the facecam video so it's easier for you to do. I need this facecam within this week! Once done just send it...
  8. Rintaro Animations

    Request Logo for 14 YTalk cash?

    Hey, so I'm a new abridge channel, and I was thinking I want an actual logo and channel art instead of what I made on windows paint, and I can't offer much but a little bit of Forum cash... But if your willing to help me that'd be great! Thanks... Someone...?
  9. Livid

    Comedy Dank Meme Lords Collab

    I'm looking for a group of people who enjoy Memes as much as I do to brainstorm with each other create really dank content and stuff like that. My Channel isnt only for uploading Memes but I think memes are hilarious I love them and I think it would be really really cool to get together like In...
  10. creationsbys

    How to;Frienship Diamond mad max style Paracord Bracelet

    This time we present you tutorial;How to create simple frienship Bracelet.Our version featuring 3 diamond knots and also sliding sistem as in mad max style.Bracelet can be wear just simple as it is,but also avaiable for an upgrade (our next tutorial) Learn how to make a Diamond Knot Frienship...
  11. Rahi Official

    Reached 2,000 views!!

    Today I reached 2,000 views on one of my experimental project. I was working with different musicians from all around the world and recreating their famous songs in my style. As a result I did my last video and since then views started to go up. So I'm confident to move forward with this...
  12. E

    Music I will make a funny music video for you of your song

    I want to make a funny music video were I dance and act stupid so if you have a good song I will make a video for it and post it on my channel. I will say or put a link to your channel on my video, but you will have to post the video as well. My channel is FatBoy Entertainment, so check it out...
  13. N


  14. ShawnMcCallum

    I Hit 50 Subscribers Today!!!

    Thanks for giving me a place to share this milestone and meet all these great people yttalk! I hope to reach 100 by the end of August. New videos, every week!
  15. Sam Wolfie

    Request [Free]Cool Outro for gaming channel

    Hey I'm looking for someone who would be willing to make an awesome outro for my gaming channel. Comment or msg me from skype if you are interested. My Skype name is mewwitch
  16. 2

    Request [FREE] In need of a logo for channel

    hey guys we are looking for a logo for our channel. We are not a profit channel but would be sure to mention you in our description on our channel and Twitter! We are looking for something along the lines of a Xbox controller in it somehow but there really is not a set item we just have to have...
  17. sickmind33

    Free software for making graphics? You got it!

    People keep asking, so I'm making a topic yall can reference from now on. I got this list from an artist site. If there are any other programs I missed, comment below and I shall add them. NOTE: Some of these might not be free anymore. If that's the case, let me know. GIMP...
  18. King Moghal

    Not sure what content to create

    can anyone give me suggestions as to what content to create. I'm lost for ideas as I've started YouTube in July and posted 2 videos that were travelling videos. Since I'm not not travelling now, what can I create?