1. Stoner Gamer

    Fifa 19 with my son

  2. Stoner Gamer

    New Youtuber with milestone giveaways and great videos

  3. J

    I think its interesting,a lot of YouTuber's live's are spiralling out of control.(opinion's please)

    Do you think the fame and money can be bad for these people that just seems to be having one drama/disaster after another or are these YouTuber's just in it for the wrong reason's and that's why there such a mess?
  4. TheToastGamer

    I just hit 200 subs!

    It's crazy to think that i only started in February (the 14th to be precise) and despite the fact that it's only been 2 and 3/4 months,I have so many subs already! I know it may not seem like a lot, but think about standing in front of 200 people and doing a public speech... that's when you...
  5. Matias Gomez

    Vlog In LA for a week. Down for a collab

    Was up guys. I am currently in LA for this week. I was wondering if anyone in the area would be intrested in doing a video. It could be a vlog, exploring the city, going into abounded buildings, doing interviews with people. If you guys are interested send me a message on my gmail at...
  6. Scandinavian Freckles

    Pilot could have killed everyone !! flight attendant Storytime

    Hi everyone !! Hope you are doing amazing and having a good week. I can't believe we are so close to Christmas !! SO EXCITED !! Since its winter time I was reminded of something that happened to me while I was working as a flight attendant. The truth is there are a lot of pilots out there...
  7. Tuurngait Gaming

    FULL AD/CRIT GAREN (League of Legends)

    Hey Tuurngait here! I recently just spent 4 hours editing this video here. Check it out would ya? ;) Thanks guys!
  8. MechaJake

    I went a little WACK JOB with this one XD

    So I don't know why, but when I got home from work to record this.....I just felt like I was out of my god damn mind....but I ran with it.... Did it turn out?! YOU TELL MEEEE! Ahahahah!
  9. KorrensEmber

    The Greatest Rematch of All Time

    This was one of the craziest fights ive EVER had on UFC hands down this was a rematch i had after getting knocked out by this fighter in a previous video payback is a B*TCH

    New Comedy and Pranks channel : Would Love a review !

    Me and my friends just made this channel very recently ad plan to make funny prank videos ! We would really appreciate it if y'all review the layout of our channel and our first video titled " Insane Car Robbery Prank". Any constructive criticism would be appreciated. More videos coming soon.
  11. MechMaster

    Gaming What is your craziest gaming experience?

    The two craziest things i've witnessed my friend do in a game is get a quad feed in cs:go with the awp and get another quad feed kill with in overwatch with mccree's "its high noon" attack, so tell me, what's your craziest experience?
  12. Tyhd


    For just 1 like you could feed a starving kangaroo child
  13. AbeAdams1

    Valentines Day video ideas?!?

    I'm a male vlogger who doesn't know what types of videos to post for Valentines Day. Any ideas on videos to post in this week leading up to Valentines Day?
  14. Kirikoza

    Youtube is insane this last month!

    I'm not sure what it is, but Youtube's been so dramatic and crazy this past month or so. So much has been happening, it feels like a sort of Youtube revolution. What really sparked this conversation to me was when CPgames uploaded a video addressing the issues that Youtube has been facing this...
  15. Vycemor

    Gaming Looking For Positive Super Energetic Youtuber Commentator! To Co-Op!

    What's Up In Your Head Everyone My Name Is Vycemor And... I don't like to take youtube as much of people these days take it like if it was a competition to see what person haves more subscribers and views and by saying this I'm not saying I don't want a public or people who enjoy my content but...
  16. Dice Rollen

    Top 10 Extreme Attractions

    None of these extreme attractions are for the faint of heart.
  17. FraYoshi

    YouTube Italia wish a MERRY XMAS!!

  18. Dice Rollen

    Top 10 Christmas Trees You Don't Want

    As we get close to Christmas, please enjoy this top 10 list of unwanted Christmas trees!
  19. Dice Rollen

    Fran Bow-Part 7 | Double Trouble

    In this part of Fran Bow we meet conjoined twins Clara & Mia. And we finally find Mr. Midnight!