1. K

    Dirt bike horrible crashes

  2. AuthorFilms Studios

    MAJOR YouTube bugs and glitches! [HELP]

    I've been a bit inactive on my youtube channel over the past few weeks. YouTube has not been letting me upload videos and it crashes, bugs out and freezes, and my After Effects would not render. I've been unable to change my channel banner and profile image as I'm trying to finally updating it...
  3. AuthorFilms Studios

    My DRONE Crashed!!

  4. AuthorFilms Studios

    Youtube's broke again?! [SOLVED]

    My annotations aren't working and keep disappearing and the player crashes. When I try to upload a custom thumbnail, it doesn't work and shows one of YouTube's default. When I edit a video description while uploading or in the video manager, it lags and takes forever, sometimes freezing. When I...
  5. AuthorFilms Studios

    I broke my DRONE...

    I hate it when stuff like this happen.
  6. AuthorFilms Studios

    How NOT to fly a Drone!

    Yeah, so this happened :D
  7. AuthorFilms Studios

    This is how you waste 4 hours of work...

    I was making a massive motion graphics video that would be a few minuites long, I was about half way though editing (about 4 hours of work) and my After Effects stopped working and crashed. The worst thing is, I forgot to save it. Now I'll have to redo all that work. AE should make a backup...
  8. TheDutchTexan

    HOV Cutter Causes WRECK!

    This has to be the #1 reason why I hate those flex barrier HOV lanes. People get inpatient and cut into them.