1. cuteigcouples


    Hello, We're KrisLovesKezia. A new youtube couple who enjoy doing challenges and dares. We have a ton of ideas that involve going against another couple so please contact us if you are interested! Thanks
  2. Eve And Brian

    Hey E & B Squad!!! Check Out This Cool Zombie Apocalypse Halloween (Skit) We Did...

  3. Eve And Brian

    Hey E & B Squad!!! Check Out This Cool Zombie Apocalypse Halloween (Skit) We Did...

  4. Everdaters

    Vlog UK VLOGGERS. 3.4K SUBS.

    UK vloggers (London area) looking for committed creators that aim to encourage and inspire people. Write to us if you think it's you and your idea for a video that we can make together. Thanks :)
  5. Bekkadee

    Vlog Who wants to collab?! :)

    Hey everyone, we're looking to do a fun collab video with someone who has (ideally) a similar amount of subs as us! If you don't, don't sweat too much, leave a message and we'd love to check out your channel! We're based in Toronto, Canada. So if you are nearby or live in Toronto, that would be...
  6. Laurenx1

    Vlog London Expat / Adventurers

    Interested in a meet-up / collaboration with YouTubers who love making great content and align with the types of videos we make. Let me know if you're interested!


    We waited a month for this package to arrive. This is Day 1 of our daily upload schedule for February!!!

    Worst Magicians Ever

  9. Bobby and Emily

    Vlog Couple Collabs!!

    My boyfriend and I would love to collab with someone!! check us out and let us know if that would interest you! :)
  10. Bobby and Emily

    New Youtube Couple averaging 5 subscribers a day!

    Hey guys, recently we have been averaging 5 subscribers a day, is there any way I can increase that? I feel like we have good content, and more is coming. I have considered using youtube ads as a way but wanted to get your thoughts first.
  11. Richie O'Donnell


    Hey guys!! So my girlfriend Laura and I love to be creative and always wanted to start a youtube channel so a few months ago we made the decision and we love it! I can't describe the feeling I get being able to share my creative content on a platform like youtube but I bet you all know the...
  12. MeltedPebbles

    Couple plays Horror Game (JUMPSCARES)

    Hey guys! So in this video we attempt to beat the horror game Homesick. If you enjoy the video be sure to click our channel button and check us out!
  13. MeltedPebbles

    Couple plays Indie Horror Game (JUMPSCARES)

    Hey guys this video is on Hotel Remorse a terrifying game where you must escaoe from the hotel you are trapped in. If you enjoyed the video please check out our channel!
  14. LRwF

    Screaming Babies on Airplanes

    I dont know how I manage it, but I have the worst travel luck. Seriously. This time I was sat next to a screaming and kicking 2 year old and still catching up on sleep! What is your worst travel story??
  15. paigelknowles

    Urban dictionary challenge... umm yes please

    The boyfriend and I take part in some light hearted fun in this video! You haven't seen an urban dictionary challenge quite like this one, so you'll want to check it out! Make sure you watch till the end to see the surprise twist ending!