1. GucciCarry


  2. Kimblebee

    Gaming Looking for someone to collab with PS4, possibly PC games!

    I'm a super small YouTuber, I just started 5 days ago and am at 22 subscribers (like I said, SUPER small). But I'm just looking for someone to do some collab videos with and even just to play with. Some of my Ps4 games: Overwatch Fortnight Paragon Rocket league Battlefield 1 (haven't played...
  3. DearDarcy

    Whats your most embarrassing filming moment?

    So i thought i would start this thread because it could be interesting! :D Whats been your most embarrassing moment either when filming or meeting fans etc? Ill start off - when i was livestreaming Counterstrike (game with guns basically) i remember having a grenade thrown at me and i started...
  4. pvptanker

    Gaming Gaming Collab Partner

    Hello, I am looking for a collaboration partner! I am 14 and I don't curse and I mostly play minecraft and other games on my channel. Must be in Eastern Standard time. 13 or above More than 100 subscribers Good quality mic Does not curse Uploaded more than 25 videos. Here is the list of the...
  5. EndoveneTV

    EndoveneTV - Multiple videos [ NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL ]

    Welcome to my Youtube channel! My name is Endovene, 25 years old and living in the Netherlands. Here I will upload my gameplay videos of various games including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Left 4 Dead 2, Rocket League, Borderlands 2 and many more to come. I will be uploading frequently so...
  6. Brandzor

    You've been HYPNODISKED! - CS:GO Robot Wars (EP1)

    It's dark. You're alone in the forest. You hear a noise. You go towards the noise. You look behind a bush... BAM! YOU'VE BEEN HYPNODISKED! Basically, CS:GO + ROBOT WARS = Best combo ever. Check out the video and see some hot robot on robot action!
  7. Ninja Ferret

    Gaming Looking For Pc Collaboration

    Hey guys, I'm just looking to branch out a little and collaborate with some new people. I think it would be a lot of fun! If you guys are interested leave your email or skype name as a response. Requirements: Must be 16-21 years old Must be active on youtube Must have a descent mic Games I...
  8. C

    Gaming CS or MC collabs?

    Hey guys, (or girls) My name is CanadianCaster or Alex, and I am looking to do gaming collab with someone. I have just over 230 subs and 37k total channel views. I would prefer to play CS:GO but I would also be happy to play things like minecraft and some other PC games. If you're interested...
  9. Bert McCert

    Dj Khaled opens up my CS:GO video with a major KEY.

  10. supimnathan

    CS:GO Case Opening #2 - Gaben Trolls Shadow Cases!

    Would greatly appreciate any feedback on the video! If you enjoyed it please leave a like and subscribe for more! ➤ Facebook: ➤ Steam Group: ➤ Twitter:
  11. Slaks

    Gaming Heey, I ranged from a bunch of different games, Hit me up?

    Hey, so if you would like. You can check out my channel, and if you feel as if you have the same style of a channel, please hit me up:) And we can talk, and help each other grow. But just have a good time playing?! Message me on youtube, i'd say is the best way to go xP Hope we play, and make...