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  1. L

    Gaming Do you

    Do you think csgo is the best Go check out my YouTube channel
  2. L

    Gaming Love csgo

    Do you love csgo Go check out my YouTube channel
  3. B

    Gaming Looking for fun Gaming group 16+ (PC , Games like CSGO)

    Whatsupp guys my name is Brett and i'm 17 years old. I started my channel like 2 weeks ago and have around 45 subs. I'm looking for some fun guys to chat and game with. You gotta be serious into youtube though Link to my channel: Respond if interested :D
  4. Grifn4ge

    Gaming CS:GO Funny Moments

    Heyo I am in a Discord server with like 30 people who are all youtubers and want to collab, but we do not have enough people for a full CS:GO team. We have wanted to record CS funny moments or Strat Roulette for a while, we just need more people who play CS:GO. You don't have to have a channel...
  5. Fatman0

    Gaming CS:GO CHANNEL! (5.3K SUBS) I am looking for other channels aswell!
  6. ceo Lorenzo

    CS:GO Road to Global Elite - Zero to Hero #1

    Hey guys, any feedback is greatly appreciated.
  7. Simplex

    Gaming CS:GO Funny Moments Group

    I'm looking for a group of people to play CS:GO with and make funny moments videos. I am a GN3 at the moment. Hoping to find people around my rank, who are funny and have youtube channels. Message me on steam or add me on discord: Simplex#6091 for more information or if you are interested...
  8. Zionova

    Gaming Collaborate with me!! (Need Someone)

    I need someone who is good at gaming and good at making videos. If you think you are please tell me and i'll see your channel. I make about 1-2 videos every week. I'm a PC Gamer, I have Rocket League, Counter Strike, Rust, GTA V Online on Steam. If you're interested, PLEASE tell me!!:))
  9. KrivixHD

    Csgo Highlights #1 - I'm To Good

    here you go ytalk ;)
  10. Tyler Andrews

    Gaming PC Gaming Group

    Hey there! My name is Tyler Andrews and I'm searching for people with a little bit bigger of a fan base and video engagement than what I've really seen in the gaming forum so far... Currently, I have 215 Subscribers, and my view counts are (TOTAL: 4,727) This past week: 324 views. (Just started...
  11. SwitchBladeJay

    Gaming Looking for collaborators for a Counter Strike Radio Project

    I'm looking for collaborators for a Counter Strike Radio project. There's no real requirements, other than being passionate to speak about the game and the going on's around there. If you've ever seen WoW radio then you'll get the idea. We make a variety of podcast like shows based around...
  12. Zenova

    Gaming CS:GO Collab?

    Hello I am Zenova, I like to make csgo montages and I am running out of ideas for them so I thought me and whoever is reading thing this would want to collab. We can make a commentary we can 1v1 we can do highlights. Or if you have a good idea we could work with that to. Age: 12-16 Skype...
  13. Cyka Doge

    CS:GO Skit writing partners.

    Hey guys! I was thinking of making some skits in cs:go just to see what comes from it. I asked my friends but they're all on vacation. So if you think you'd be interested in helping me write some of the script then message me on skype. Skype - unlockedproductions (Dat Boi)
  14. yoEchoz

    My Tribute To CS:GO Gambling :(

    Hey guys this is a little funny video I made since some you may know CS:GO gambling recently got banned and that was one of the things I did on my channel so I decided to make a short funny vid dedicated to CS:GO gambling.
  15. Saddy


    Welcome back guys! Hope you enjoy the video! If you guys enjoyed please leave a thumbs up to let us know to do more videos!
  16. Saddy


    Another day, another ace. Holding A bomb site on my own with the awp. I hope you guys enjoy it! ------ Music -
  17. Saddy

    CS:GO Competitive: TRIPLE AND AN ACE

    A little CS clip from our road to global elite series coming up. Thanks for watching
  18. V

    Looking for feedback on my latest CS:GO video

    Hey guys, i'm getting myself back into the groove of editing and uploading videos and i'm looking for feedback on my latest video. I tried reddit and stuff but people there tend to click and leave and never really give tips to help me improve so I'd love to hear some thoughts on what you guys think!
  19. DaRealApollo

    First Time Playing CS:GO EVER

    If you thought YOU were bad at Counter Strike, come see how horrible I am
  20. Shehzad

    What A Nova Match Looks Like - CS:GO Highlights

    Today I show you what happens when a DMG plays at Nova rank because of the update.
  21. M

    Gaming Collaboration anyone ?

    Hi I am a boy from norway and whant to find someone to collab with ! I am 15 years old and whant to make funny videos,but! I need someone to play with and speak with, that will make it easy for me and you. I am not a squeaker. No offend ! I edit good but If I have someone to play with and have...
  22. KLENK

    #FriendlyFireIsReal | CS:GO Highlights Ep.2

    Helloooo there and thank you for checking out my thread :) The next episode (Ep.2) of my CS:GO Funny Moments and Highlights series has just been uploaded to YouTube and I would really appreciate it if you Ladies and Gents could check it out and leave me some feedback. NOTE: I realize that...
  23. Prophet Boo

    Gaming Looking for GTA V & CSGO Collab *Must have more than 2k subs*

    I just revived my channel and i'll be doing funny moments videos. I have 17k subs and I am planning on doing GTA V and CSGO videos obviously on pc. You must have more than 2k subs on your channel. Must have: -good mic. -good video quality -good sense of humor lol -more than 2k subs Leave a...
  24. HypnoticRawDog

    Cs:Go Community In A Nutshell

    Ever wonder how amazing the Counter Strike community is? Well no need to play for yourself this video will explain Cs:Go in a nutshell. If you enjoyed the video please let me know and what you want to see next. Have a good one lads.
  25. Will Reed

    Gaming Relatively New Gaming Channel, Looking for Collabs :)

    I'm a Graphic Designer and Gamer/Content Creator. I uploaded my first video around 7 months ago and I have 143 subscribers (as of 10/8/2015) I live on the US East Coast. I mainly play on PS4 and PC, although I occasionally play on XB360. I make funny moments in Destiny, and commentaries over...
  26. seejacklive

    CS:GO - Amazing Awp Ace!

    Hey guys, So Here is my latest video that I just realised last night, Hope you all enjoy.