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    Services MELODYFLIX - Free Music For Content Creators

    Hi, I'm Pat, founder of, a website dedicated to providing handpicked free music for movies, games, applications, and podcasts. Hundreds of free music tracks are available for use in your YouTube videos - for commercial and monetization purposes. New music is uploaded every week...
  2. zenhd

    [NCS] Nekzlo - Stories

    If possible visit my channel to listen to relaxing music and suggestions to help me grow my channel
  3. Tom Conti

    Services Free Premium Music For Your Projects - Free Royalty Free Music Directly From The Composer

    Finding good music on a budget is not always easy. Some do not even have a budget for the footage so, why spend money for each and every single music track? I am Tom, a songwriter/composer from Italy, and offer my compositions free of charge, also commercially, royalty-free. I currently have a...
  4. Papone

    Services Copyright Free Music for everyone.

    Hey guys, PaponeMusic is a music label dedicated to promoting FREE music for the sole purpose of providing creators with the best songs to enhance the creativity and popularity of their content which is safe from any copyright infringement. Everything on my channel can be used by any YouTube or...
  5. Whitesand

    Services Copyright Free Music

    Hi There, My name is Martynas and I make music for youtube. I mostly make copyright free instrumental, cinematic, piano, guitar-based original arrangements in a theme of motivational, emotional, inspiring themes. If you in need of copyright-free music for your videos - that's what my channel...
  6. BassRebels

    10,000 Subscribers

    Hey hope everyone is good, we are a music channel and record label supported by BBC Radio 1 and we bring you some of the best music from all over the world which is royalty free so has no copyright so you can use it in your YouTube and Twitch videos. Today we hit 10,000 subscribers and I can...
  7. neiro

    I'm going crazy. Music?

    Yes. Music. I've tried to find a good thread about this but didn't succeed. Where do people find the music they use? I've seen other channels do videos like mine and they use a lot of good music and I don't understand where/how they can use it without getting in trouble. I like to throw together...
  8. Mitch Music

    Use my music in your videos!

    Hey hey! Here's our latest chill step free music release. Feel free to use this or any other song you find on our YouTube channel. We do a variety of chill step, hip hop, glitch hop, funk as well as "production/tv music" that could help enhance the mood and engagement in your videos. Hope you...
  9. Mitch Music

    Free Music For YouTubers

    Hey hey! We're a new channel dedicated to creating and releasing new music weekly for the YouTube Creator Community! All our music is free for YouTubers as well as copyright free/royalty free which means you can monetize your videos with our music in them and not worry about getting copyright...
  10. Mitch Music

    Use Our Music in Your Vlogs for Free!

    Hey hey! We are 2 composers on a mission to share our music with the YouTube Creator Community! All our songs are FREE & Copyright/Royalty Free so there is no risk of getting copyright claims or copyright strikes from us. Just make sure to credit us if you use any of our songs. That's it...
  11. Mitch Music

    Need Music without Copyright Issues?

    Hey hey! Just popping in to see if anyone wants some free music from a couple Mitches from Philly. We compose and record all original music tailored specifically to fit with video. Feel free to use any of the songs from our channel in your videos. You can monetize the videos too, we don't...
  12. DeanzEpic

    Is Copyright Free Music Really Copyright Free?

    A fellow youtuber on this forum got a copyright strike for using a song from NCS (NoCopyrightSounds), a youtube channel that provides copyright free music. Also another youtuber got a strike for using a song from the YouTube Audio Library...that's Crazzzzy...