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  1. I

    How do you get viewers to comment?

    I'm still fairly new to YouTube and will be really grateful for any tips on how to get viewers to comment on video? Also, what are good websites to share cooking videos with others?
  2. K

    Vlog Vlog | Daily Life # 2 preparing homemade Italian meals: fried cutlet with ham and cheese & milk

    Hello guys! :) This video is my 2nd video, containing small traces of my daily life haha. How are you enjoying the winter holidays? I hope you eat a lot of delicious things and have a happy holiday! If you like this type of video please put a like and subscribe to support me! ❤️
  3. MamaLovesCooking

    I reached 20+ Subscribers! YAY! I'm so happy! I hope I continue to reach new milestones on my YT Channel :)
  4. MamaLovesCooking

    How can I improve my channel? I am very open to constructive criticism so if you could please check out my channel, it would mean the world to me :) Thank you so much!
  5. syla

    How long will I succeed in YouTube?

    Dear Member, I wanna know some clear detail about how long can i succeed with my YouTube Channel. now I wanna create a new Youtube Channel relate to Cooking Channel, and one more is Origami Folding paper, So which ideas should I choose and How can I get succeed with it? Appreciate for your...
  6. Dr. Rahat Al Imran

    Vlog Spicy Fresh New Cooking Channel Want To COLLAB

    Hey Guys, I am Dr. Rahat Al Imran I am From Dhaka. Though I am a doctor but cooking is my passion thats why i opened a youtube channel gained some subs and views,its a fresh new youtube channel. Want to collab or some promotion from you guys I posted this video yesterday and gained more than...
  7. Cooking with L.A.M


    Hi everyone! I missed Taco Tuesday, so lets make this Wacamole Wednesday! No? Every week I do a different short cooking video on how to make tasty treats, and add a lot of silly along the way. Hope you like it!
  8. Miriam Kitchen

    Other Cooking channel collaboration

    hey tubers, i'm looking for a cooking channel to collab with. minimum 10K subscribers. i specialize (but not limited to) Egyptian cuisine. please email me if interested.
  9. mofya

    Other Cooking

    New YouTube channel. looking for foodies to collab with E-mail: Hi there! I'm a new youtuber and I'm really interested in doing collaborations with upcoming youtubers. As far as content to post, i post anything but i think im more into cooking and recipes but happy to do...
  10. Cupcake

    Need your thoughts.

    Hey guys. I have just opened my cooking channel. I've got a a few questions, hope you will give me your thoughts. What is the best place to promote such kind of videos? I'm planning to upload new video every other day. Do you think that is a good "speed" for the beginning? Today was the day...