1. SeanFace101

    I need a free video file converter that doesn't compromise video quality?

    Does anyone know of a free video file / format converter that does not compromise the quality of the video when watching it after its been converted? .... turns out Windows Movie Maker does not supports videos recorded on my iPhone nor my digital camera :(
  2. Samira

    Before posting your link on Facebook

    Hey Guys, I hope this helps you guys. You might have heard that Facebook doesn't like Youtube links and prefers native uploads. Now I recently received a book on the topic of Youtube and in said book was the tip on how to post your youtube links to Facebook. Using the site: yt2fb (I'm not...
  3. SeanFace101

    What is a good "Words to Voice" converter with good voices?

    What is a good free "Words to Voice" converter website that I can use to say a couple of things in my videos? One with good, or at least decent good voices to choose from? :P Thanks..