1. O

    Music Any beginner musicians in the New England area looking for filmmakers?

    Hello, Aside from my comedy I have a production film company. I have filmed concerts in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont. I am looking to expand my portfolio on my website. Any musicians from the states I mentioned who are looking for filmmakers? If so hit me up and we will talk details...
  2. Alexnaseth

    Concert + Snapchat = BAD STORY

    I got really sick of people posting videos from a concert so I made this
  3. Dismal Bliss

    We The Kings "WTK10" - Live at The Grog Shop in Cleveland, Ohio

  4. Dismal Bliss

    On Stage with WE THE KINGS!

    My son and I were on a mission to meet one of our favorite daily vloggers, Charles Trippy, who plays bass for the awesome band We The Kings, and it was beyond a success! It was amazing! SUBSCRIBE:
  5. Charles Boston

    Vlog Looking for partners in Hampton Roads, D.C. Area

    Hows it going everyone, I'm Codi... I'm currently in the U.S. Air Force stationed just north of Virginia Beach. My entire life I've wanted to start a youtube channel with videos of my life and its adventures. The military is just a short stepping stone in my life to get me where I want to be...