1. RetroMania

    So I wanna make a compilation video...

    Hey guys, I'm a new youtuber and I just started a retro gaming channel, and I really wanna make a compilation video with the "best moments" of my gameplays. I've got Sony Vegas 15 and it's great for editing so far but I get a lot of lag in my preview screen while I'm looking at the video...
  2. T

    Creating a "fail" type channel, what is the proper course of action regarding using other content?

    I see many Facebook and YouTube accounts that do this, but I want to do it the proper way, ala Failarmy or JukinVideo. I realise that they have large teams in order to coordinate payments and licensing, but what could a smaller channel do to get their foot in the door? I imagine a lot of it is...
  3. B

    Compilation Videos

    Hey, is it possible to create compilation video of other youtubers videos and upload it without getting copyright strike, or without getting video taken down?
  4. TBCompilations

    Any tips for someone who runs a compilation channel?

    I run a compilation channel. I think every YouTuber has watched and even most, enjoy compilations. I love them because if I have an interest in something, its funny or nice to see a bunch of scenarios compiled into one. Anyways, I like it. I like strategically editing the videos, putting funny...

    Creative Commons, Fair Use, Attribution

    I see many of the big newsy sites do compilations like, "Dogs afraid of their shadows", that consist of several YouTube clips, and they give attribution to the YT channel with tiny watermarks. Are they covered to use the clips if the original videos are marked Creative Commons, or are they...