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  1. Justine

    Emma Chamberlain's The Next Tana Mongeau

    So Emma Chamberlain is a youtuber who decided to design some clothes for her own clothing line...and proceeded to make some mistakes that genuinely remind me of Tana Mongeau and Tanacon. Now, I like Emma's videos but these mistakes are pretty big issues that make her clothing line seem a bit...
  2. Justine


    I have nothing against ASMR, in fact I actually really like it cause it helps me sleep! HOWEVER when you are clearly going against or in the grey area of going against Youtubes Terms of Service and Community Guidelines then you really just gotta stop. Please. You don't normally eat a banana like...
  3. Justine

    Youtubers make kids fat

    You read that right. A recent article posted on BBC New's website basically just suggested that youtubers may make kids fat due to influence, and they specifically used Zoella as an example. So yeah, to explain my recent weight gain, I'm just gonna say Zoella made me fat. While also completely...