commentary tips

  1. Fluke

    Are my videos entertaining?

    Hi you alright, i have just recently started a youtube channel where i upload daily gaming videos. I was just wondering if my videos are entertaining and what i should be doing to improve them.
  2. TheoPC

    Tips for Scripting Video's {TOP 10 TIPS}

    I may be a newbie to YouTube, however I know quite a bit about scripting as I study drama and media and have had several previous channels to learn from my mistakes. Here are my TOP 10 TIPS for writing good scripts to keep the viewer intrigued...
  3. Shehzad

    DO's & DON'TS On YouTube - Black Ops 3 Live Commentary

    Giving you my tips from my own experiences and also from how the general YouTube community feels is right to do and don't on YouTube. Watch it if your starting out and need some quick pointers. This is not how to increase your views on YouTube. Comment below you own tips too.