1. ProfessionalRik


    @CreativeOven was requesting gamers/youtubers to test his game and post a video, so here we are! It was fun, honestly. Just wish there was more. Subscribe if you liked it!
  2. Kemono

    Killing Room | Intense FPS gameshow "horror" game

    This game is crazy, super funny, and overall entertaining, Check out when I play it!
  3. Kemono

    My Channel | MW2, the way I'm formatting things

    This is the way things will be looking, I'm really excited, check out the video!
  4. Mehek Ridwan Miah

    Gaming Group of YouTubers

    So i'm thinking of gathering a bunch of YT so we can all help each other out and have a better chance of growing. If you are interested please reply and let me know ;) REQUIREMENTS: -Xbox One (FIFA, GTA, CALL OF DUTY) -PC -Twiter to DM (My Username- @MehekRGamer Also if anyone would like to...
  5. Ollusk

    Name Change?

    I am a gamer/ commentator on YouTube and as of now my name is Ollusk. I don't know if I should change it to something more catchy and better sounding, what do you guys think? Leave an answer the poll if you'd like to help :)