comic books

  1. RenOperative

    Gaming New Year, New Search (Seeking folks for a gaming group/podcast)

    It's a New Year and thus it is a new recruitment drive for our established gaming group. We’re still looking for reliable, non-toxic candidates who have an immense passion for playing a lot of various video games extensively, and contributing to gaming podcasts since we’re looking for more...
  2. ComicDj

    Meet Up/Gathering Central Texas Collab

    hey everyone, I am seeking other comic book/anime/manga youtubers that have 300 + subs in the central texas area. Please do not hit me up if you do not have 300 +. Thanks!
  3. ComicDj

    Other Comic book Channel looking for collab!

    Hello everyone, I am a newer comic book channel who is looking to collab with someone! I am extremely passionate in my videos and I hope to find someone equally passionate. I make videos on my comic book pickups, marvel/dc movie reviews, trailer reviews and cover anything Comic related. I would...
  4. VloggingRonnie


    Fun project. Now it's almost too nice to ride. Almost.