comedy group

  1. CraftinJoey

    Gaming Looking to make a youtube gaming comedy squad! (PC)

    I am looking to start a gaming comedy group consisting of smaller youtubers! Requirements ------------------ 15+ (Can be arranged) Good mic quality (Tell me what mic it is) Be an active Youtuber Good Sense Of Humor Can Be Able To Curse... A lot Most have at least 720p videos (preferably 1080p)...
  2. Palooza Pizza

    Yung Adultz- "Job Interview" (Absurd Comedy Rap)

    Any feedback would beeeeee dope! Thanks for listening!
  3. Mandi at Random

    When a Girl Likes a Guy...We Turn PSYCHOTIC

    Thought I'd drop by and say Hey! I'm Mandi, a New YouTuber *gasp* making one ridiculous video at a time :) Enjoy and subscribe if you like what you see!
  4. Cam Kirkham

    Comedy Hi everyone! Looking to start a youtube group!

    This would be a great chance for some of us to collab together and increase our subs and view counts whilst also having fun whilst recording. Preferably looking for people who get over 200 views per video but if your content is good then no problem!! Thanks guys let me know down below if...