1. LandyVlad

    Video Editing & Creative Software 2021

    Video Editing & Creative Software 2021 Context ‘Back in the day’ when people were looking for a professional, feature-rich video editing solution there was really only one answer on everyone’s lips “Adobe Premiere”. Fortunately since then things have changed for the better. There are a lot...
  2. G

    How to make a 3D star gamit ang bondpaper at color paper||Genevieve Blantucas

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  3. Adventure Campitelli

    Color in my Video

    I'm trying to get better at adjusting the colors in my travel videos. Tell me what you think of the color in my latest video. Does it have too much green? Should I of left it alone?
  4. Cole James Anderson

    Should I change my color scheme?

    Hi! My name is Cole. Please respond with constructive criticism. Thank you! I recently started a news show called #WPF (that will soon be getting a bit of a budget increase) and the color scheme is something quite similar to a show I don't quite want to be associated with. The current color...
  5. Rita-Marie Hartford

    Beauty/Makeup Do you wanna have a Collaboration?

    Hello! Thanks so much for giving me a click! So I have been at this youtube game a little over a year and a few months. I love it. I love everything about it. I have a beauty look posted every Friday, and a Vlog on Wednesday (Two uploads a week is a challenge for myself). Anyways, I would love...
  6. Freshly Finished

    Devinci Resolve

    Hey! I currently use the adobe suite for all my editing, I was wondering if anyone at all on this forum is using Devinci Resolve for color grading and skin isolation, if so, how is your process/workflow? Is it simple to grade a whole video like putting an adjustment layer over the whole thing in...