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  1. W

    Serious Question

    I know that most you, due to being in this community, will say yes to this question. However, I feel it necessary to ask it, not only for my own benefit but also to have a broader discussion on YouTube. The question is this: Is being a YouTuber worth it, and should someone who is focused on...
  2. MCFChronicles


    Part one of my birthday vlog is now up! Please leave feedback! Thanks!
  3. MCFChronicles


    Hi everyone, I am somewhat new to youtube, and would love it if everyone checked out my latest video. I also love feedback. Thanks!
  4. Laura Pierson

    Video Ideas

    Hello everyone I was wondeing if you could help me with some video ideas. I'm a college student at Grand Valley State University and live in the dorms so I almost never have any good lighting to work with. My channel is primary a lifestyle vlog like Zoella and Aspyn Ovard's but I'm open to any...