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  1. MrCanadianDude

    Gaming Fortnite YouTube Squads Group!

    Looking for people to become friends with and in the mornings we can play some matches of Fortnite and I can record our games, need funny and hilarious gameplays, so all I ask is that I'm looking for people with great personalities and that are very funny! Contact me if you are interested! Have...
  2. S

    Gaming Gaming group, PS4 only sorry(SpFw)

    Yooooo I’ve just started a PS4 gaming group and I’ve already got three people and they’re probably the funniest people I’ve met. We’re aiming to be a successful group, a bit like The Sidemen, our group is called SpFw (Sniping People For Wins) we all came up with this name together and it sounds...
  3. Chickenman12345

    Gaming Wanna collab mainly pc please be over 16

    I wanna collab with some people really any games i have discord, im always up to do a collab with someone, also send me a link to your channel as well and your discord and i will message you :D so the channel in the link isnt mine idk why its sending it there i tried to fix it
  4. BrandonNexus


    Hey guys my name is GigaPlayerX and this is a call to all PS4 gamers looking for a chance to grow their channel and make a large crew for videos. But there are a few requirements to join this team: Own the following games: -Godzilla -GTA Online -COD Black Ops 3 (I mostly play Zombies and I also...
  5. TheGamingCorner

    Gaming Looking for PC collabs

    Hello, I am a new gaming youtuber who is looking for people to collab with. I mostly play Payday 2, GTAV, Gmod and random Gamejolt games but I am up for suggestions on what to play together. -No subscriber limit -Would prefer if you were at least 13 years old but if you are not you can still...
  6. CreepChomper

    Gaming PC gaming collabs...

    I'm looking to do a collab with somebody like on games like minecraft, trove, and other free steam games. My Skype is Creep Chomper and my Discord is CreepChomper#7051. And the requirements are simple they are don't be a whiny baby and don't be a plain out piece of! Ok i'm stopping there so just...
  7. Natical

    Gaming Collabs on pc!

    I'm looking to do some collabs with people on games. Games such as gmod,GTAV,League of legends,Paladins, etc. Any channel size is fine! If you are interested send me a message on Skype. Skype-alexiscool940
  8. Ataviro


    Hey my names Ataviro and i am looking for people to record with. I already record with 2 other youtubers regularly and we are looking to spread are ground and bring in more cool people that enjoy YouTube and ARE ACTIVE THIS IS A BIG ONE. as you might notice on my channel we all have good mics...
  9. D

    Gaming Looking to Do collabs with PC gamers

    Hi I am looking to grow my channel and I think the best way to do this is to collab with other youtubers. I have just started my youtube channel but I am puting out good content and I just want it to get recognised. I mainly play CSGO Rocket League GMOD GTA 5 and many more free games If I...