1. CrazyDocPhoenix

    Gaming PS4 collaboration

    I just wanna make funny sikes with someone, whose also don’t mind throwing in a lot of witty jokes here and there. I’m 19 years old Not into sports games.
  2. L

    Gaming Streamer collab

    I am looking for someone who can play games And stream with me. Games i play:fortnite,h1z1 (i dont play it alot) gta 5,bo3, cod ww2, Requirment Must be 15-17 years old Decent mic Must have a ps4 be good at fortnite so you can carry me.if not then that okay Must have youtube or twitch channel
  3. Battlefield

    Gaming Minecraft gamin team (130K Subs) [NO REQUIREMENTS]

    We have almost 130k subscribers and we are looking for youtubers to collab with we are looking for people who have enough experince in Minecraft Requirements : -You should be older than 15 -You should have more than 500 subscribers * If you own your own servers there is no REQUIREMENTS If you...
  4. B

    Gaming Looking for a collaboration in most games

    Hi I have a small YouTube account and I was wondering if you have games like Arma 3 , gmod , Euro truck simulator 2 ,left 4 dead 2 and paladins I could Collab and I'm 14 years old.And my Skype is bennaughton114
  5. ShotgunMickey

    Gaming Searching for people to collab with!

    Hello there,my name is Mickey and i'm searching for people to collab with.Now,i'm doing gaming videos so its obvious i need gamer's to collab with.There is no subscriber requirement.Now check my steam profile out and see the games we both own.Some game witch i will be/I am recording are: =Arma...
  6. FMS Gamer

    Gaming Collaboration on a GTA V movie on ps4

    Hi i am going to make a GTA V movie using rockstar editor on ps4 the script is done half way and the work is going in good progress i already i have one guy on board nedd two more people you must be al least 16 years old or should be mature enough to follow direction after the movie is done i...