1. CrazyDocPhoenix

    Gaming PS4 collaboration

    I just wanna make funny sikes with someone, whose also don’t mind throwing in a lot of witty jokes here and there. I’m 19 years old Not into sports games.
  2. Golden Couch Gaming

    Gaming ATTENTION Xbox one gamers!

    We are always on the look out for creators both big and small that play on the Xbox one to collab with and/or do shout outs and such. Please if you are a gamer and mainly use Xbox One please feel fre to comment and we can exchange info and maybe collab or do shout outs or just play together...
  3. sequan123

    How to get 1k subs

    So I've been working for some months and now I'm at 900 subs how do I now get to 1K without struggling so hard
  4. NoboDY_No0b

    Gaming Garry's Mod Collaboration (PC - Funny Moments)

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! I Have No Subscriber Requirements And I Want People To Collab With Me For Gmod..... Requirements :- [1] A mic (quality doesn't matter) [2] NO SQUEAKERS [3] Good Attitude [4] Good...
  5. Gimphy

    Gaming Gaming Ps4 Group

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello My name is Abe and I Am 12 and would love to start making PS4 videos with other collaboraters, The main games i play are, Gta 5 And The...
  6. Ballistic

    Gaming Call of Duty BO2

    Looking to do a hide and seek collab for bo2 Looki for between 100+ subs
  7. Tuskan

    Gaming Collab and Meetup | Discord Chat

    I've been trying to advertise a discord chat for the fans and the youtubers in this group if you want to join or know someone else who wants to join ask me or look at my description in my higher or lower video if you have any questions post below and i'll answer them! :)
  8. FatalMisfire

    Gaming Newish UK Youtuber, PC and PS4 collabs

    Hey Guys and Girls, as part of what i want to do with my channel, i'm looking for a handful of people to join me for Collabs, i am based in the UK and i do work full time, but i'm always reachable and i'm available for recording most evenings and virtually all weekend. I have no real preference...