1. C

    Collaborater needed for my Engineering channel

    Hi my YouTube channel name is Civil Thinking and I need a collaboration with a Lecture preferably English speaking channel. Thanks. Mail me at in case interested.
  2. M

    Gaming Looking for gaming colab

    Hi, I've had around three channels in the past with only one being semi successful, I decided to put all my dedication into one channel now and keep it that way, Meteor YT, I'm looking for a group colab for Minecraft Bedrock, Ark or ESO and I'm happy to take other suggestions, I'm 16, from...
  3. Don _The_Duck

    Gaming Looking for collab partners in PC, Xbox1, or PS4

    Looking for some people to collab with me on some games and have some fun. My channel is small only 24subs at the time so people around that is fine with me.
  4. Acidic

    Gaming serious youtube colab

    This is for Pc Gaming Only ! ! ! I need Guys or girls that are dead serious youtubers that are dedicated and willing to be there for the videos and that will be funny and try and talk for the entire video i need 3 more people maybe 4 requirements: You have to show ups as much as possible...
  5. BonnieLushHair


    Hey Guys... Happy New Year!!! I am hoping to build more subs for my channel and so I have come up with an idea for a competition for valentines If anyone is interested in ironing out the creases of my idea this will be very much welcomed and I would love to take this as an opportunity to...
  6. T

    Gaming Looking to play Gmod with someone

    Requirements: Must be 15 or older. Content must be good and entertaining. idc about sub count. (anything's better than none, right?) Must upload to your channel also (preferably frequently). Must live in North America or be flexible with time. I would like multiple people to all come and play...
  7. T

    Gaming Any game colabs. Any size.

    I'm a small youtuber who is looking for some friends to record with or just play with. I really like moded minecraft and Gmod so comment down below if you want to colab. Msg me on twitter for more info.
  8. Blaine Gaming

    Gaming PS4 Colab for Channels of Any Size

    I'm looking for a couple of YouTubers with a PlayStation 4, I am a small YouTuber with only 4 subs, but I also only started one month and I truly believe I could go somewhere and that could help my family out of the money crisis we are in, and I'm doing everything I can to do this, I have SW...
  9. S.A.D

    Gaming Looking to do a Collab anybody?

    OK so let me break it down. Our youtube channel does various videos in trailer reaction, gaming and movie reviews gaming videos and even the occasional discussion videos. That said, let me get to the basics. We currently have 58 subscribers and looking to collab with another youtuber(s)...
  10. AnnableLecter

    Gaming PC Gaming Channel Looking For Collabs

    Hey guys, I'm looking for English speaking Youtubers to collab with. My channel has nearly 50 subs currently and I play a variety of games! I'm looking for friendly and funny Youtubers to play games with, have fun and create hilarious content. I'd love to get 4 or 5 people together to play Dead...
  11. Megan Rose

    Beauty/Makeup Beauty YouTuber collaboration :)

    Hello lovely people! So I have a channel where I do some beauty videos and have never collabed before, I would love to collab with other YouTubers or just make new friends and new people to talk to! :)
  12. Blackop360

    Gaming Minecraft Gaming: LOOKING FOR COLLABORATION

    Sup, I've have been recently looking for people to collab with, I do however have a few requirements. - Must have skype and a good mic - Must have at least 250+ subscribers -Must have Minecraft You could reply with this format Skype name: Channel subscribers: Channel views: Extra info (Not...
  13. Dread Chemical

    COD Black Ops 3 Multiplayer #1 - 1 Vs 2

    Leave a like if you enjoyed my video and hope to see you on the next one :) Please be nice and respectful in the comments Check out their channel HanchaGaming - MrPhyko - Music -...