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  1. Troscalon

    Gaming Collaboration on pc. aged 15+

    i am looking to do collabs with anyone interested. i play pc (switched in february) and play games such a rust, siege, valorant, warzone etc. looking to play with people in uk as its easier for time zone and ppl aged between 15 - 17. I try to make funny content as much as possible but sometimes...
  2. MrCanadianDude

    Gaming Fortnite YouTube Squads Group!

    Looking for people to become friends with and in the mornings we can play some matches of Fortnite and I can record our games, need funny and hilarious gameplays, so all I ask is that I'm looking for people with great personalities and that are very funny! Contact me if you are interested! Have...
  3. Connor S

    Comedy Looking for people to colab with.

    Hi, I'm Connor and I'm looking for people to collaborate with. So my channel is all about comedy. I am trying to branch out and grow as a content creator and I think doing that means having to colab with other Youtubers. I'm looking for funny people who don't hate me. I'm mainly looking for...
  4. G

    Gaming Looking for a collab

    Hello everyone we are looking for people who wants to colab and do shouts if you are interested please skype at brandoneaston98 Our channel is called gamingrivals
  5. PickleTV

    Vlog Any Vloggers Near Berkshire Uk Who Want To Colab ?

    Hey there, I am looking for someone to colab with for maybe a talk show project like good mythical morning, the plan is to have a show sat at a table talking about fun topics and maybe do some comedy sketches and try and make it into a great comedy show for people of all ages to enjoy!
  6. G

    Comedy Atomic Relationship Giggle's

    Hi, First of all thanks for clicking on my thread. Bet it was my awesome YouTube name right? Me and my pathner have recently started our YouTube page and want to collaborate with others with a similar passion. Look our name up and take a look to see if we suit your channel. Also London based...
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