cod zombies

  1. Techicvi

    Gaming Cod zombies (ps4)

    Anyone wanna play cod zombies ... i have bo3 and Infinite Warfare atm My psn is fastfire95 ... Let's have some fun I also play other games aswell

    this terrified me as a kid (story time)

    so this is a story of my journey through zombies! yes i used to be scared of them but ive slowly began to love them! (COD Zombies)
  3. wufu

    Black Ops 3 Zombies Multiplayer Glitch!! Der Eisendrache

    Hello, during our stream, my cousin and I killed our selves by running past each other at the stairs by spawn. This was really weird. Let me know if you have experienced any glitches on this map.
  4. wufu

    Certified Savages Playing COD Zombies!

    Hey everyone, my name is wufu and I post COD funny moments videos. I especially like to post about our Black Ops 3 zombies fails. I try my best to cut down the videos in order to save the viewer from unnecessary wasted time. I hope you enjoy the video and maybe even the playlist. Peace. Our...