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  1. KingPeanuts

    Gaming Looking for a collab on pc (ps 4 gta and infinite warfare only)

    Hey, im looking for someone to collab with. I mostly play on the pc. I live in Amsterdam. I play gta, bf1 and overwatch most of the time, but i have ark, cod bo3, cod iw and cs:go. I am 13 years old, i would like to record with someone around the same age with a descent mic and who can make and...
  2. Techicvi

    Gaming Ps4 collab anyone

    If u have a ps4 and have dying light the following and cod iw and wanna make funny collabs ... your the person for me ... just let me know what your psn is and I'll add you asap ... in the future I will be getting a bigger range of games ...
  3. Saad Ahmed

    Gaming COD Collab (PS4)

    Hey guys! I would like to collab with multiple of you. So I would like to a 1v1 on either BO3 or IW. In the end we shout out each others channles. I really don't have any requirements other then be respectfull. Thank you.

    Call of duty infinite warfare | Infected funny moments

    so today we are going to be playing call of duty infinite warfare! so its time for infected! me and Hectic blizzards played a few matches and managed to get some funny scenes XD, so i hope you enjoy the video guys love you all.

    Gun Game RAGE FREE?! | Infinite warfare

    gun game is rage free? impossible! i dont believe it! no! GOOOD NOOOO! STOP!!! NOOOO!... maybe i dont know XD, so this is a quick gameplay of gun game hopefully it was fun to watch! enjoy the content!

    Telling the brute to diet....

    oh god... telling the brute to diet was never a good idea! someone get the shredder!!! any gun that will stop this guy!!! so i hope you enjoy the vid! So im CMTXRATED. The Sarcastic Trying to funny gamer who you will most likely never watch! but anyways! my main games i play at the moment is...

    OVERLY HYPED KILL CAM! | CallofDutyInfiniteWarfare

    So played a match of gun game! TBH I overreacted with the kill cam! But my god a knife to the head looks awesome!!!

    RACIST ROBOTS?! | Infected Gameplay COD IW

    SO robots become racist brilliant that's all we need in this god forsaken world!! Hope you enjoy this video guys thanks for checking it out